it needs to be a space where you can say something. the people around you have to believe. if they don’t, just wait they will be gone soon enough.

[you take it forward. you don’t let them stop you.]

Words get lost forever and people don’t lose their minds. You can put some shit out there, and it doesn’t matter if it gets heard and appreciated, sometimes you just need to say something.

Are you ever coming back? Are you ever going to just write again? Like when you learned how to write? Like in second grade — you remember — when it was just clicking how powerful words were.

Are we ever gonna think again? Or are we just gonna shit out thoughts to our pathetic social media friends who are addicted to some fucked news cycle of sensational mundanity.

We need to develop thoughts in longer form than what we have been. We need to seek out the prose-minds of our friends. We have to let those close to us go deep into their minds and hearts, and share the things they learn in those intimate modes of self-reflection with us. They are our friends, we trust, we should be falling over ourselves to learn from them the deepest truths of life.

But it’s all clipped. It’s competing with jokes and politics. Those things aren’t without merit — it’s important to share our policy leanings and to mock the things we think need mocked, but it’s also important to allow a space to debate more random matters.

I want to see what people are writing.

People who are free. 

Written by jgreagan

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